Highly flexible, versatile colour inkjet web press that offers efficient production of transaction, publishing and commercial applications with speeds from 48 to 127m/min.

ColorStream 3000 Z

ColorStream 3000 Z

The ColorStream 3000 Z series offers excellent DigiDot® quality for brilliant output plus the same industry-leading flexibility as the ColorStream 3000. The series consists of four family members, ranging from 48 up to 127 meters per minute and a print width of up to 21.25″ (540 mm).

The ColorStream 3000 Z series can be configured with up to 6 colours for monochrome and full colour printing, and allows the use of special inks such as MICR or security inks to add extra value. It also offers unrivalled productivity and sustainability thanks to unique capabilities that reduce paper waste, the HeadSafe concept and supreme ease of operation.

  • High-end print quality wide range of media
  • Top-notch productivity and configuration flexibility
  • Integration with industry standards for operational efficiency
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ColorStream 3000 Z

Innovation with Proven Technology

Excellent DigiDot quality for brilliant output offers unrivalled productivity and sustainability, thanks to unique capabilities of HeadSafe concept and supreme ease of operation.

DigiDot Imaging Technology

Highly reliable print heads with DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology, produces crisp details and smooth halftones with optimised ink usage via variable drop size.

Streamlined Design for Best Fit

Extremely compact design with a reduced footprint, fits easily into tight environment and reduces floor space required approximately 1/3 to deliver outstanding output to floor space ratio.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Seamless integration into industry-standard workflow with support of numerous data formats and host connections – powered by SRA MP controller and PRISMA suite.

The Z-factor Concept of Output

Fully integrated stack-to-stack continuous feed inkjet solution of z-fold paper support, inherited from the VarioStream 7000, offers optional paper feed for short run production.


Print TechnologyInkjet, DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
Ink*1Water-based ink of dye, pigment and premium pigment, InkSafe technology
Drop SizeVariable, 5 – 12picoliter
Print Resolution600 x 600dpi with multilevel up to 100m/min (perceived image quality at 1 200 x 1 200dpi)
600 x 480dpi with multilevel at 127m/min
Print SpeedColorStream 3200 Z : 648 A4 images duplex at 48m/min
ColorStream 3500 Z : 1 010 A4 images duplex at 75m/min
ColorStream 3700 Z : 1 350 A4 images duplex at 100m/min
ColorStream 3900 Z : 1 714 A4 images duplex at 127m/min
Duty Cycle
(per month)
ColorStream 3200 Z : 5 000 000 – 21 000 000 A4 impressions
ColorStream 3500 Z : 7 000 000 – 33 000 000 A4 impressions
ColorStream 3700 Z : 10 000 000 – 44 000 000 A4 impressions
ColorStream 3900 Z : 12 000 000 – 56 000 000 A4 impressions


Paper SubstratePre-printed, inkjet, laser, recycled newspaper
Paper TransportPinless, tight-web, automatic tension control
Paper Input*2Tight-web unwinder (incl. in basic unit), optional stack infeed
Paper OutputPost-processing Type1 interface, optional rewinder or stack outfeed
Paper Weight60 – 160g/m2, optional stack infeed 64 – 120g/m2
Paper Width165 – 560mm, optional stack infeed 165 – 495mm
Print Width165 – 540mm
Paper Length76 – 1 520mm


ControllerSRA MP high-performance blade processors
Data Stream*3AFP/IPDS (IS/3), PDF, line-data, LCDS, PostScript, PPML, TIFF, VIPP
Job SubmissionPRISMAproduction
ConnectivityGB Ethernet (copper); 10GB Ethernet (copper, optic MMF/SR, optic SMF/LR)


Power UsageColorStream 3200 Z : Printing = 32kW; idle = 5kW
ColorStream 3500 Z : Printing = 34kW; idle = 5kW
ColorStream 3700 Z : Printing = 38kW; idle = 5kW
ColorStream 3900 Z : Printing = 43kW; idle = 5kW


Temperature20 – 26°C (optimal range); 16 – 29°C (limited range)
Humidity40 – 60% (optimal range); 40 – 80% (limited range)
Operating Noise75dB (maximum)

Physical Data

DimensionInline – 11 950mm (L) × 2 500mm (W) x 1 900mm (H)
L-Twin – 10 700mm (L) × 8 840mm (W) x 1 900mm (H)
H-Twin – 8 500mm (L) × 8 500mm (W) x 1 900mm (H)
Weight5 300kg
  1. Consult local sales representative for more details.
  2. Maximum print speed with stack infeed is 75m/min.
  3. Partly in combination with PRISMAproduction.
  1. ColorStream inks contain materials that may be considered a Volatile Organic Component. Consult local regulator for clarification and a possible obligation for permission.