imagePROGRAF TX-5410 MFP Z36

imagePROGRAF TX-5410 MFP Z36

“The 1 118 mm (44in) printer is designed for businesses that demand advanced productivity, reliable quality and streamlined workflow. With dual roll feeding, impressive media handling capabilities and all new MFP solution, the TX-5410 MFP Z36 is ideal for printing CAD drawings and posters.”

  • Perfect for CAD & poster printing
  • Standard dual roll system
  • Impressive media handling system
  • 500 GB Encrypted hard disk drive
  • Robust security, extensive suite of software and solutions
  • Multi-function printer
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imagePROGRAF TX-5410 MFP Z36

Fast Print Speed

The TX series realised faster throughput during continuous printing by optimising the pre-processing of print data, process of media cutting and media transport. Pre-print operation and print spooling have been optimised to achieve faster first print from standby or sleep mode.

Productivity at Its Peak

Dual-roll feeding unit enables users to load up to two rolls of media, reducing the frequency of switching between different media types or sizes in high volume printing. Optional stacker supports stacking of up to 100 A0 size sheets, while the sub ink tank system allows empty ink tanks to be replaced while the printer continues to print, maximising productivity.

Media Handling Simplified

Automatic media loading and automatic media type detection simplified the media loading and replacement workflow to just one step, which is to “simply place the roll” into the printer. Printer will automatically carry out necessary adjustment and enters print-ready state with minimal supervision. Automatic remaining media estimation will display remaining roll amount on operation panel and send out alert when media is not sufficient to complete the print job.


Printer Type

5-Colour 1 118 mm  (44in)

Number of Nozzles

15 360 nozzles (MBK: 5 120 nozzles; BK, C, M, Y:
2 560 nozzles each)

Maximum Print Resolution

2 400 × 1 200 dpi

Nozzle Pitch

1 200 dpi (2 lines)

Line Accuracy*1

± 0.1% or less

Minimum Ink Droplet Size

5 pl (picoliter)

Ink Capacity

Sales Ink: 160 ml / 330 ml / 700 ml (MBK, BK, C, M, Y)
Bundled Starter Ink: 330 ml (MBK) / 160 ml (BK, C, M, Y)

Ink Type

Pigment Ink

Printer Language

SG Raster (Swift Graphic Raster)
PDF (Ver. 1.7)
JPEG (Ver. JFIF1.02)

Printing Solutions

Apple AirPrint, Direct Print Plus, Direct Print & Share, CPP Driver Select & Publisher Select, AutoCAD Optimized Printer Driver, Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY, Canon Print Service, Free Layout plus, PosterArtist Lite, imageRUNNER ADVANCE Direct Enlargement Copy

Management Solutions

Media Configuration Tool, Accounting Manager, Device Management Console, Quick Utility Box

Standard Interfaces (Built-in)

USB A Port:
USB Memory (Direct Print)

USB B Port (Series B, 4 pins):
Hi-Speed USB
Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec)
High Speed (480 Mbit/sec)
Bulk Transfer

Gigabit Ethernet:
IEEE 802.3 10base-T
IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX/Auto-Negotiation
IEEE 802.3ab 1000base-T/Auto-Negotiation
IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex

Wireless LAN:
IEEE802.11 b/g/n
WEP (64/128bit)


Standard: 128 GB
Physical: 2 GB

Hard Disk

500 GB (Encrypted)

Print Speed*2

Plain Paper

CAD Drawings, A0

34s [Fast (Custom Q5)]
37s [Fast]
1 min 4s [Standard]

Poster, A0

37s [Fast (Custom Q5)]
42s [Fast]
1 min 15s [Standard]

Heavyweight Coated Paper HG

Poster, A0

1 min 38s [Fast]
2 min 33s [Standard]

Glossy Photo Paper HG 170

Poster, A0

2 min 59s [Fast]
5 min 44s [Standard]

Media Handling

Media Feed and Output

Roll Paper (Single)

Front Load, Front Output

Cut Sheet

Front Load, Front Output*3

Media Width (Roll / Cut Sheet)

152.4 ~ 1 118 mm

Media Thickness (Roll / Cut Sheet)

0.07 ~ 0.8 mm

Min. Printable Length

Roll Paper

101.6 mm*4

Cut Sheet

203.2 mm

Max. Printable Length

Roll Paper

18 m*5

Cut Sheet

1.6 m

Maximum Outer Roll Diameter

170 mm or less

Borderless Printing Width
(Roll paper only)

152.4 ~ 1 118 mm

Margins (Recommended Area)

Roll Paper

Top: 20 mm, Bottom: 3 mm, Side: 3 mm

Cut Sheet (Apple AirPrint)

Top: 20 mm, Bottom: 31 mm, Side: 3 mm

Cut Sheet (Others)

Top: 20 mm, Bottom: 20 mm, Side: 3 mm

Margins (Printable Area)

Roll Paper

Top: 3 mm, Bottom: 3 mm, Side: 3 mm

Roll Paper (Borderless Print)

Top: 0 mm, Bottom: 0 mm, Side: 0 mm

Cut Sheet (Apple AirPrint)

Top: 3 mm, Bottom: 12.7 mm, Side: 3 mm

Cut Sheet (Others)

Top: 3 mm, Bottom: 20 mm, Side: 3 mm

Dimensions & Weight*6

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Main Unit + Stand + Basket

1593 x 984 x 1168 mm (Basket Open)
1593 x 766 x 1168 mm (Basket Closed)

Main Unit + Roll Unit + Stand + Stacker

1593 x 1188 x 1168 mm (Basket Open)
1593 x 1122 x 1168 mm (Basket Closed)

Roll Unit

1577 x 336 x 318 mm


Main Unit + Stand + Basket

114 kg

Main Unit + Roll Unit + Stand + Stacker

146 kg

Roll Unit

20 kg

Packaged Dimensions (W x D x H)

Main Unit + Stand + Basket + Pallet

1820 x 915 x 1061 mm


1464 x 906 x 291 mm

Roll Unit

1727 x 562 x 461 mm

Packaged Weight

Main Unit + Stand + Basket + Pallet

165 kg


25 kg

Roll Unit

30 kg

Power & Operating Requirements

Power Supply

AC 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Power Consumption


116 W or less

Sleep Mode

2.0 W or less

Power Off

0.3 W or less

Operating Environment


15 ~ 30 ℃


10 ~ 80 % RH (no dew condensation)

Acoustic Sound

Acoustic Power*7

Operation: Approx. 69 dB

Acoustic Pressure*7

Operation: Approx. 51 dB (A)
Standby: 35 dB (A) or less


Roll Unit (Required)


Stacker (Optional)


2″/3″ Roll Holder (Optional)



Print Head


Cutter Blade


Maintenance Cartridge


Ink Tank

PFI-8110 (160 ml) / PFI-8310 (330 ml) / PFI-8710 (700 ml)
Matte Black / Black / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow



Single Sensor, full width straight-line CIS with dual LED illumination

Scan Width

914 mm (36in)

Min. Scan Width

150 mm (6in)

Max. Scan Length


8 m


15.2 m

Max. Copy Speed*9

200 dpi

6 ips (Colour) / 13 ips (Greyscale)

300 dpi

4 ips (Colour) / 8.6 ips (Greyscale)

600 dpi

2 ips (Colour) / 4.3 ips (Greyscale)

Max. Scan Speed*9

200 dpi

3 ips (Colour) / 13 ips (Greyscale)

300 dpi

2 ips (Colour) / 8.6 ips (Greyscale)

600 dpi

2 ips (Colour) / 4.3 ips (Greyscale)

Optical Resolution

1 200 dpi

Max. Document Thickness*10

1 mm

Document Handling

Front Load, Rear Output*11

System Controller

Operating System

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 64 bit


Intel Pentium G5400T

Hard Disk

256 GB (Solid State Drive)


8 GB (DDR 4)


396.24 mm (15.6in) multi-touch colour display

Software Included

SmartWorks MFP V6

Scan Format


Dimensions (WxDxH)*12

1056 x 251 x 156 mm



7.8 kg

System Controller

2.5 kg

Power Consumption (Scanner)


22.7 W (Colour) / 23.3 W (Greyscale)

Sleep Mode

0.2 W


12.4 W

Power Consumption (System Controller)


50.1 W

Sleep Mode

1.7 W


7.5 W

  1. User adjustments is required.

    Printing environment and media must match those used for the adjustments.
    Paper required: Plain paper, CAD tracing paper, coated paper, CAD translucent matte film only.
  2. Time taken to print one page, does not include time required for data processing, data transfer and pre-printing operations.
  3. Manual feed using media locking lever.
  4. For cloth, canvas, tracing paper and translucent matte film media, minimum printable length is 200 mm.
  5. Varies according to the OS and application.
  6. Include roll holder set, exclude ink and print head.
  7. Measured using ISO 7779 standard by using 914.4 mm (36in) plain paper, standard mode and line drawing / text mode.
  8. Scanner is manufactured by U.K. – based Global Scanning UK Ltd.
  9. The scan rate is proportional across the full range of resolutions supported by the scanner. Actual scan times and quoted top speeds will depend on the host performance and are not guaranteed for all media types. Scan times quoted are the maximum for true 200 x 200dpi image capture.
  10. Thicker documents must be flexible and the paper return guides removed and may require additional support. Some media should be scanned at reduced speeds. It is not possible to guarantee to be able to scan all media types and sizes.
  11. To return document to the front, use document return guides.
  12. Document return guides and paper tray folded.
  13. Power consumption is measured with scan resolution setting of 200 dpi.
  • LUCIA TD ink​​​​​​​ 5-colour LUCIA TD pigment ink is formulated to produce sharp text, accurate lines, and vivid colours with excellent weather resistance, even on plain paper.

  • FINE Print head Equipped with micron-sized nozzles, the fully integrated print head provides superb uniformity of ink density and colours, while multi-pass printing ensures highest print quality is maintained on every print.

  • L-COA PRO Image Processing Engine​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​L-COA PRO imaging processor is capable of processing massive image data, drives high printing speed while maintaining supreme print quality, enabling fast first print out time and continuous printing speed.

  • High Precision Mechanical Platform The unibody structure is engineered to provide strong and stable platform, maintaining a precise distance between print head and media, virtually eliminating oscillation for high-precision ink placement with minimal inter-colour discrepancy.

  • Non-Firing Detection and Compensation System ​​​​​​​Equipped with in-built sensor, the non-firing detection and compensation system checks the ink ejection from print head nozzles and when a blockage is detected, another nozzle automatically provides backup. This prevents banding and reduces the frequency of print head cleaning required.

The following workflow solutions are designed to help you get the most out of your printer.

  • Direct Print Plus – Job submission tool which supports batch printing of multiple file types, shortcut printing function and job presets, enabling efficient large format printing workflow.
  • CPP Driver Select & Publisher Select – Existing Canon Production Printing Systems Inc. (CPP) users can integrate the TX series into their existing printer fleet as both Driver Select and Publisher Select provides support to the printer without any changes to existing workflow.
  • PosterArtist Lite – Create professional-looking posters in-house with a wide variety of templates, stock photos and clip art for various business types and themes.
  • Accounting Manager – Track ink and media usage for cost calculation and reporting.
  • Media Configuration Tool – Easily manage, update and arrange media information in printer’s operation panel and printer driver.
  • Device Management Console – Effectively manages multiple printers, monitor activities such as error messages and printer information up to 50 printers.
  • Quick Utility Toolbox – Quick access to supporting utilities and settings. From printer information, speed dial and destination folder settings to scanning and cloud sharing.
  • Direct Print & Share – Batch printing, job presets, shortcut prints and cloud printing can be managed easily and efficiently.
  • Free Layout Plus – Enjoy nesting, tiling and duplex printing features.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AutoCAD® Optimized Printer Driver – Optimised printer driver for optimal printing control and enables faithful printing of drawing data created with AutoCAD®.
  • Easy-PhotoPrint Editor – Edit, trim and rotate your images into unique layouts and designs, including posters, calendars, collages and more. Available on iOS, Android OS.
  • Apple AirPrint – Print PDF files wirelessly via mobile app for Apple iPad® and iPhone®.
  • Canon Print Service – Direct document and photo printing via mobile app from Android devices without the need to download any printer-specific applications.
  • Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY – Print PDF files wirelessly via mobile app for Android tablet and smartphone.
  • Roll Unit : RU-42 (Optional)
  • High Capacity Stacker : SS-41 (Optional)
  • 2″/3″ Roll Holder : RH2-45
  • Cutter Blade : CT-07