A new breed of high speed, high productivity colour inkjet web press that offers vibrant colours of offset with versatility of digital printing.

ProStream 1000

ProStream 1000

The ProStream 1000 series is a powerful web-fed inkjet production print solution that can help take your business to the next level. With two different models and high speeds, it is the ideal solution for Commercial and Direct Mail printers who want to maintain superior print quality at rated speed, helping to support ultimate performance.

  • Bridging over offset productivity with digital flexibility
  • Superior quality on wide range of media incl. offset coated stock
  • Automated end-to-end workflow with intelligent quality control
  • Integration with industry standards for operational efficiency
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Superior Inkjet Results

Offset like print quality at a native 1 200dpi level by DigiDot print head technology, ColorGrip and pigment based polymer ink set.

Explore New Opportunities

Penetration into new markets using the versatility of digital printing – outstanding quality, relevant content and short turn-around time.

High-speed Performance

High production delivery at 80m/min on 565mm web width and high capacity duty cycle of up-to 35 million A4 impressions per month.

Extended Media Support

Broad media range support and media format versatility of up-to B2 sheet size, including offset coated/uncoated and inkjet treated stocks.

Easy to Use and Integrate

Easy or even seamless integration into existing production printing workflows (i.e. PDF, IPDS), via intuitive and enhanced user interface.


Print TechnologyInkjet, DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
InkPigment-based polymer ink, with ColorGrip
Drop SizeVariable, 2 – 6picoliter
Print Resolution1 200 x 1 200dpi with multilevel
Print Speed1 076 A4 images duplex at 80m/min
(112 B2 images duplex at 80m/min, portrait)
Duty Cycle
(per month)
Up-to 35 000 000 A4 impressions


Paper SubstrateInkjet treated / coated, offset coated / uncoated
Paper TransportPinless, tight-web, automatic tension control
Paper InputTight-web unwinder (incl. in basic unit)
Paper OutputPost-processing Type1 interface
Paper WeightRefer to released paper list
Paper Width565mm
Print Width540mm
Print Length1 520mm


ControllerSRA MP high-performance blade processors
Job SubmissionPRISMAproduction or PRISMAcontrol
Connectivity2 x 10GB Ethernet (copper) with PRISMAcontrol
2 x 10GB Ethernet (optic MMF/SR) with PRISMAcontrol
10GB Ethernet (copper, optic MMF/SR, optic SMF/LR)


Temperature20 – 26°C (optimal range); 16 – 29°C (limited range)
Humidity40 – 60% (optimal range); 40 – 80% (limited range)
Operating Noise75dB (maximum)

Physical Data

  1. Partly in combination with PRISMAproduction.
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