Highly innovative, high-volume colour inkjet sheet-fed press that combines the proven inkjet advantages of high productivity with press versatility and media flexibility.

VarioPrint i series

VarioPrint i-series

The VarioPrint i-series+ digital color press targets heavy production volumes of 1-10 million pages per month and supports a large variety of paper sizes Up to 12 paper trays feed a broad range of standard offset and inkjet substrates from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. cover. Proven VarioPrint 6000+ input and output technologies help enable a white-sheet-in, finished-application-out workflow required to meet the demands of today’s shorter run, fast turnaround print market place. Reliable high-speed sheet-fed inkjet production is powered by iQuarius technologies, a range of innovations that allow for robust, high quality prints on sheets of paper, at high speed.

  • Consistent, impressive production speed on wide range of media
  • Up-to B3 (350 x 500mm) size media, 300 A4 impressions per minute
  • Automated end-to-end workflow with intelligent quality control
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Extreme Application Flexibility

True application flexibility opens up extensive and profitable business opportunities for high quality, across wide range printing from transactional to promotional communication.

Innovation with Proven Technology

Innovative inkjet system incorporates a range of proven Canon technologies for excellent printing on a broad set of media offers unrivalled quality, productivity and sustainability.

Maximum End-to-end Productivity

End-to-end automated workflow, intuitive operation interface, inline finishing options and robust reliability combined to deliver uninterrupted production with impressive speeds.

Versatile and Flexible Media Handling

Excellent result on wide range of media including woodfree, inkjet treated, offset uncoated and offset coated stocks; standard sheets, tabs and NCR media are supported as well.

Quality Assured from Start to Finish

Optimised print quality at perceived 1 200 x 1 200dpi via inkjet drop size control with print head nozzle monitoring and automatic failure compensation to ensure quality result every time.

Expanded and Enhanced Application Range

Optional ColorGrip feature enables printing on wide range of media, expanding the application range – print jobs can be printed on variety of coated, uncoated and treated stocks.


Print TechnologyInkjet, drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
InkWater-based pigment ink, with ColorGrip
Drop SizeVariable, multi-level
Print Resolution600 x 600dpi (perceived image quality at 1 200 x 1 200dpi)
Print Speed
(per minute)
i300 : 300 A4 / 152 A3 images duplex; 150 A4 / 81 A3 images simplex
i200 : 200 A4 / 108 A3 images duplex; 150 A4 / 81 A3 images simplex
Specialty Speed
(per minute)
i300 : 200 A4 / 106 A3 images duplex; 150 A4 / 81 A3 images simplex
i200 : 150 A4 / 80 A3 images duplex; 150 A4 / 81 A3 images simplex
Duty Cycle
(per month))
i300 : 1 000 000 – 10 000 000 A4 impressions
i200 : 1 000 000 – 7 000 000 A4 impressions


Paper SubstrateWoodfree, inkjet treated / coated, offset coated / uncoated, tabs, NCR
Configuration1 x Paper Input Module (PIM, maximum 3), standard PIM or PIM Flex XL
1 x High Capacity Stacker (HCS, maximum 2)
PIM Capacity4 600 sheets A4 (80 g/m2) per PIM
23 400 sheets A4 (80 g/m2) with 3 PIMs and Duo Paper Trays
HCS Capacity2 x 3 000 sheets (80g/m2) per HCS
Paper Weight60 – 300g/m2
Paper Size203 x 203mm – 320 x 488mm (with standard PIM)
178 x 254mm (with optional guide)
203 x 203mm – 350 x 500mm (with PIM Flex XL)


Data StreamPDF, PDF-X, PDF/VT, PostScript, PPML, AFP/IPDS (IS/3)
Job SubmissionLPR, Hot-Folder (WebDAV), socket (streaming), JDF/JMF, IPP, remote PDF driver
Connectivity2 x 10GB Ethernet


Power UsagePrinting = 15.4kW; Idle = 7.1kW; Sleep = 0.9kW
Compressed Air5 – 12bar, dry and oil free
Water SupplyReverse osmosis water system


Temperature20 – 26°C (optimal range)
Humidity30 – 50% (optimal range)
Operating NoisePrinting = 72dB; Idle = 61dB

Physical Data

Dimension8 800mm (L) × 2 750mm (W) x 2 400mm (H)
Weight8 500kg