ProStream 1000 Series

ProStream 1000 Series

L-INK digital and offset printing

For high volume, commercial print environments, the web-fed ProStream 1000 series (ProStream 1000 and 1800) combines the print quality and media flexibility of offset with the production efficiency and versatility of digital inkjet to deliver a level of performance that matches your passion for print.

  • Ultimate productivity – Efficiently reduce turn-around times and meet the tightest deadlines
  • Ultimate quality – Colour consistency and quality is assured with every print
  • Ultimate flexibility – Print on a huge range of media, including standard offset coated, uncoated and inkjet papers

Superior Inkjet Results

Offset like print quality at a native 1 200dpi level by DigiDot print head technology, ColorGrip and pigment based polymer ink set.

Explore New Opportunities

Penetration into new markets using the versatility of digital printing – outstanding quality, relevant content and short turn-around time.

Explore New Opportunities

Penetration into new markets using the versatility of digital printing – outstanding quality, relevant content and short turn-around time.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Produces a wide range of applications, including premium and high-volume direct mail, books, catalogues, and magazines without technical limitations on run lengths, dynamic varying format lengths, turnaround times, or variable content.

High Speed, High Productivity

Delivers high speed capability on a wide range of media to expand revenue opportunities, at two different models and speeds of up to 80m/min or 133m/min for even higher volume needs, without loss of quality.

Superior Inkjet Print Quality

Achieves sharp details and quality using native 1,200dpi piezo drop-on-demand print heads with multilevel drop size modulation, proprietary polymer pigment inks and ColorGrip conditioning fluid for reliable and consistent colour.

Ease of Workflow Integration

Integrates into offset, digital or hybrid production environments and existing workflows, enables simple submission of PDF files straight to the press for production management right where it happens, to maximize performance.

Protective Drying System

Protects print image to ensure best quality and preserve media surface optimally during the print run for consistency, even on the most sensitive substrates, through unique drying and media-handling technology – non-contact air flotation drying system.

Proven Inkjet Excellence

Benefits from Canon’s outstanding experience and knowledge of high-volume commercial printing (over 1,700 continuous feed inkjet presses installed globally), strike a unique balance between high productivity, superior print quality, flexibility and media versatility.

Paper Substrate Inkjet treated / coated, offset coated / uncoated
Paper Transport Pinless, tight-web, automatic tension control
Paper Input Tight-web unwinder (incl. in basic unit)
Paper Output Post-processing Type1 interface
Paper Weight Refer to released paper list
Paper Width 565mm
Print Width 540mm
Print Length 1 520mm
Controller SRA MP high-performance blade processors
Job Submission PRISMAproduction or PRISMAcontrol
Connectivity 2 x 10GB Ethernet (copper) with PRISMAcontrol
2 x 10GB Ethernet (optic MMF/SR) with PRISMAcontrol
10GB Ethernet (copper, optic MMF/SR, optic SMF/LR)
Temperature 20 – 26°C (optimal range); 16 – 29°C (limited range)
Humidity 40 – 60% (optimal range); 40 – 80% (limited range)
Operating Noise 75dB (maximum)
    1. Partly in combination with PRISMAproduction.


  1. All information is preliminary and subject to change without notice.