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Dr. Shimo's Tips
"In my process to understand our Indian customers, I've met a lot of photographers and photo store staff. What I've found is truly delighting! While Indians are extremely price conscious, they definitely have a flair for photography, and those who are into it, are extremely passionate about the artform."

"Without doubt, one needs to know the basics, but I believe that even one hint or advice can help improve your pictures a step further. With that intention in mind and with my 37 years of experience at Canon (i.e. 7 years in Quality evaluation and over 30 years in after-sales service), I stay committed to providing you the most essential tips and techniques that can you use in your day-to-day photography... happy clicking!"
Tip 31
EOS Movies Technology always advances and so it is with still cameras. No longer are they limited to shooting still images.Instead they can now also s...
3 Rating
Tip 30
Depth of Field Depth of Field is something which is misunderstood because of various technical terms like "circles of confusion," "hyperfocal distance...
29 Rating
Tip 29
An Introduction to Tripod Do I need a tripod? What do I keep in mind before buying one? This is one of the most common questions I get while I am inte...
28 Rating
Tip 28
Lenses: Extenders Canon EOS Academy photography workshopsare my best place to counter various customers’ queries. They say that in some shooting...
6 Rating
Tip 27
Canon Digital Photo ProfessionalDuring my interaction with the customers while sitting through the EOS academy workshop where customers say that they ...
6 Rating
Tip 26
Consideration while buying lenses for Genre Photography During my interaction with customers the most common question which pops up is "Which is the b...
14 Rating
Tip 25
Firmware Update I have come across situations where a new firmware update comes and the call center and service center are flooded with queries. This ...
5 Rating
Tip 24
Lens Hood During many interaction sessions, I come across questions on lens hoods -"What are they?" "How do I choose the right one?" "When should you ...
38 Rating
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