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G Venket Ram

Fashion Photographer


For the last 25 years, Venket has established himself in advertising, fine art photography and Indian cinema. Be it working with brands or working with great film persona, he has mastered the art of effortlessly using his magic to create brilliant images that enhances their true essence. He has also worked with celebrated personalities from sports, politics & academics, from the early days of his career for various ads & editorials. Apart from commissioned calendars, he has also produced his own brand of calendars, where he worked right from conceptualizing the theme to the product and has showcased such images in a couple of exhibitions. Over the years, he has used celebrated actors alongside vintage cars, dazzling divas in their stylish best and even had a spectacular jungle theme, in which the images were as breath-taking as any classical painting.
More recently, he recreated twelve iconic paintings of legendary artist Raja Ravi Varma for NAAM, an NGO that works to empower single

Social Links

Instagram: @venketramg
Web/YouTube: www.gvenketram.com