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Sharmila Patil

Lifestyle Photographer


Sharmila is an artist and a creator. A feeler who is completely driven by love and emotion. She is an Electronics & Telecommunication engineer by education and a lifestyle photographer by passion and profession. When she embarked on this journey she had no idea where it would take her. It came to her at a time when she least expected it. It was like walking right into what she was created to do. All she knew was that it feel like home. Her love for children is what got her started on this journey. But slowly as time progressed so did her passion towards others genres. Now, she mainly do product photography for commercial big brands like Amazon, Chumbak, Fabindia, Fizzygoblet, Propshop24, FujihoroIndia, Sukinskincare, ThePurpleTurtles, Beruru, Champsfleur, and many more. She  also pursue Interior Photography, Food photography, Children & Family.


Styled and shot the magazine cover for Ideal home and Garden magazine Oct 2020 issue

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Instagram: @sincerestoryteller