A total of 74 children participated in the activities conducted at the Resource Center.

  • 2 Excursions were organized at Bannerghatta Zoo and waterfall where 60 children participated
  • 4 Cultural and sports programmes were conduced for children
  • Parent-teacher meetings were organized on regular basis
  • Students conducted rallies in the village on various issues – girl child education, cleanliness etc.
  • 16 meetings were conducted with school management committee
  • Groundwater recharge & rainwater harvesting system was installed in the school


  • 4 cleanliness drives were organized in the village with the support of school staff, students and members of the community to provide awareness on basic health and hygiene
  • 35 kitchen gardens were established in the community. Home to home visits were also organized to generate awareness on the importance of kitchen garden
  • Eco-friendly dustbins were installed in the school
  • 223 saplings were planted near school premises by the children

eye care

  • 440 patients visited the center for vision eye check-up
  • 15 patients were referred to a nearby government hospital for further treatment of cataract operations
  • Senior ophthalmologist visits the vision center on a regular basis before referring patients to the hospital
  • During the year, 5 eye camps were organized in the village and nearby communities where 95 people visited the camp and were further treated
  • 34 community members and 3 school children with poor vision were provided spectacles free of cost


  • 74 children from primary school were enrolled in the computer class to learn the basics of computer operations as a part of their curriculum
  • To create livelihood opportunities for the community women, a new initiative of stitching and tailoring was launched in the village. during the year, 45 community women were trained

Infrastructure Development

  • Repair and whitewash of the school building was done
  • Installation of ground water recharge & rain water harvesting system