Basic Photography

These workshops are tailored by our knowledge partner for you to take a step forward in your creative journey from beginner to Intermediate level. In this workshop you learn about essentials of photography and videography to develop your skills for genre specialization. Knowledge partners also conduct regular short term and long-term certified courses independently and one can choose to pursue the courses after direct consultation with the institute based on subject interest, course duration and course fee .

Knowledge Partner: NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts

Location: Kalyan Nagar Post, Bangalore

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Knowledge Partner: Delhi College of Photography (DCOP)

Location: Kingsway Camp, New Delhi

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Knowledge Partner: Pixel Viilage Creator Academy

Location: Pimple Saudagar, Pune

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Knowledge Partner: NEO Film and Broadcasting School Pvt Ltd.

Location: Pullepady, Kochi, Kerala

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Knowledge Partner: Film & Television Institute of Hyderabad

Location: Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad

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